Sketchup vs. Autocad

Yes that could produce a “decent” representation of a circle in certain scenarios for cnc depending on the size and finish requirements.
The thing is that circles containing more segments not only add a great deal of excess baggage to a model, but also those 256 sides will come out as 256 “g1 line” commands in a cnc program. It’s a bit hefty when the all that could only be 1 “g1/g2 arc command, that is a “ true circle” also. Four circles alone in a program and it’s over 1000 lines long.
That problem is solved however by exporting the geometry as a “3d dxf” which will translate those 256 or better still 12/24/48 segments into one true circle. It does work, I do it often.

SU is probably a 3D polygon modeler because of the advantages of polygonal modeling.

我用CAD及SU都是比较早的,大概在SU 3.0出来时,就接触.
当然更多地是用CAD,开发的插件更多,如箱体FOR CAD ,线端FOR CAD ,铜排折弯FOR CAD
I used CAD and Su relatively early. I contacted them when Su 3.0 came out
However, it is earlier to use CAD and do secondary development on CAD
Of course, more CAD is used and more plug-ins are developed, such as box for CAD, line end for CAD and copper bar bending for CAD
CAD is divided into ZWCAD, AutoCAD, HaoChen CAD and so on
There are corresponding plug-ins used on it
However, as people’s demand for 3D is more intuitive, they turn to secondary development on Su
It is equivalent to parametric modeling. The real development starts from September 2020. Try to write some programs and slowly make a collection
It also creates a new direction for the power and electrical industry. Many people are using SolidWorks, but I still prefer su

SketchUp is neither parametric modeling nor competes with either AutoCAD (hard-core 2D) or MCAD solid modelers as SolidWorks or Inventor or Creo or NX or…