SketchUp Viewer No Layer Control?

No layer control in the viewer means that my model is dead in Dropbox purgatory! No SnagIt .jpgs etc. 2nd floor plan only 2d is shown. Maybe SketchUp Maker will allow me to view the layers? Any advice greatly appreciated!

The Viewer doesn’t have the option to change layers, only scenes :bulb:

You’ll need to think ahead and create scenes with the appropriate layer sets (maybe even only layer sets saved per some scene while other scenes exclude saving layers altogether) to work around this lack of changing layers in the viewer. Yes, you’ll need SketchUp Make to do so first.

And the newest versions of the Mobile Viewers have layer control, I believe.

Can anyone confirm DanRathbun’s statement. I just downloaded the free SketchUp viewer but had no layer controls in it.

Wo3Dan, did SketchUp Make have layer controls & could it open the SketchUp Pro Model? Like to get some model images uploaded to Facebook.

The online documentation for the Mobile Viewer seems to confirm (at least that I am paying attention to the features as they are released.)

SketchUp Make and Pro both open *.skp files from their own versions or earlier versions. There is no difference in these files, (make and pro), as in: one and the same file, only in what version the originate from. As is with other software.

So SketchUp Make has layer cointrole.

Thanks Wo3Dan, will have to download it again.

I am still a bit confused. I just updated my old StetchUp 8 (free) to SketchUp Make, and don’t see any Layer functions. Is this their way to make me buy StetchUp Pro?

SketchUp 2016 Make has layer control via the Layers window. Although the Layers window is now shown in the Default tray, it operates just like it did in SU8. You can buy SketchUp 2016 Pro if you wish through

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Thanks. However my Default tray has only the following:

Am I looking in the wrong place?

I might have solved the problem. I opened up something called New Tray, and was able to select Layers from that, and now see it on the screen.

Window > New Tray… means “create a new custom tray.” You can name it whatever you want. And display upon it, whichever of the inspectors you care to. (Currently a given inspector panel can appear on only only one tray at a time.) You may dock some trays, and have other trays floating. Docked trays may be always visible or auto-hidden (so that they “minimize” by sliding away into the window margin when not in use.)

SketchUp Help: Customizing Your Workspace: Arranging dialog boxes and trays

Thanks for your help! Ann

Thanks Wo3Dan. SketchUp Make was the right choice. To view all .skb & .skp files. It’s free & has layer controls in it. Not sure how long the other pro like tools last. 3 months maybe as a trial.

Layers and contoling them is not only a pro feature. They’ll keep working in SU Make.
Pro features like creating Dynamic Components have a trial period of 30 days counting from when SU has been installed.

(Moved this thread back to main SketchUp category, as this was never really about the Mobile Viewer.)

THANKS !!! for the “Make new Tray” comment. I was getting a bit frustrated as I have no default tray and navigating the options was a bit time consuming with out it! Now I have a material editor again !!! Thanks