SketchUp STL Release Notes

Version 2.1.7 went online last week. It addressed 2 exporter bugs from the previous release:

  1. Fixed a bug where the exporter could produce an .stl file with zero facets. (Issue #156)

  2. Fixed a bug where the exporter was exporting incorrect facet normals. This affected Mac users - the .stl object appeared black when viewing in the quick look preview. (Issue #163)

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Hi Jim,

I just used the new importer on a model. It worked well but I wonder if the UI could be made a wee bit wider. This is what I see when I open it. It’s purely cosmetics so not a big deal.

Yep I see it. The buttons are pushed together, too. I can adjust the dialog, but willping @thomthom is case SKUI needs an adjustment.

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hm… that is strange. I don’t quite see why there should be a difference between the two versions. SKUI always used the META tag to make the WebDialog use the latest version…

Background color appear to be different as well… huh!

Im not seeing an obvious reason for this. Would need to investigate.
(Though, I’m not sure how much spare time I have this month. Preparing to move house early next month.)

The main difference is the width of the dialogue itself.

The cancel button position is relative to the right edge of the dialogue but the left button is the fixed position which is why the buttons are pushed together.

I already pushed a fix which just adds more space in the dialogue I but did not do a pull request yet

Hi @jim_foltz,

Using your STL exporter, it doesn’t appear that the “Export only current selection” function works. Either as a group or a component, the selected model is exported along with all other components in the .skp file. I have to copy and paste each individual component into a new .skp file and then export it alone. Then it works great. No a big deal but thought I’d report it all the same.