Sketchup round down

RaRa4.skp (1.1 MB)

I made this example model, I made a block with a hole in it. But I notice (the left block) has different heigths on each corner (it’s around 0.0001mm difference) which results in weird triangles constructed in the shape. Is it possible to round down a existing model to like 0.1mm precision? Or is there a warehouse tool for that?

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Each object could be redrawn quickly with two rectangles and a push-pull if you know the size they’re supposed to be.

There’s built in tools you could use to help you and extensions that would help too if this is just an example and you have a more complicated model to fix.

If it’s just a few points, start with nothing selected and use the move tool to move a point, click once on the point then type in: [,,0] and press return. That’s an absolute move to the x-y plane. Any other size would work too. You could do that with the underside of the object closest to the origin (there’s no “left” in 3D space). When all the points are on the x-y plane, delete the top layer and then push pull it up to the correct height.

You can move vertices with the ‘Move’ tool, taking advantage of SketchUp’s inferencing engine. Move the “0.0001” vertex some arbitrary distance and then back to where it is supposed to be, 0.0000.
Precision setting is only for displaying measurements. SketchUp had a much higher precision by itself.

You could select the bottom vertices, then use Eneroth’s Flatten to Plane to put them all on the x-y plane.