SketchUp pull down menu in SketchUp 2017 vers


Hi, Everyone,

there is no SketchUP puul down menu in newly installed SketchUP2017. Does anybody know where is it in this vers? And paint bucket doesn’t work too…


When you install SketchUp 2017 it must be done in a specific way, otherwise all kinds of weirdness ensues…

You can repair your installation.
Close SketchUp.
Find the SketchUp installer exe file - it’s probably in your Downloads folder - if not, then get a new copy downloaded…
Select the installer exe file’s icon, right-click > context-menu > 'Run as Administrator…'
When prompted choose ‘Repair’.

Retry SketchUp to see if that has helped…

Otherwise you might also be having issues with the correct terminology,..

SketchUp has several menu items along its top bar - these dropdown to offer tools and submenus etc.

Its Window > Default Tray menu option lets you customize what dialogs open in the side-bar ‘tray’.

If you right-click over the top-bar you should also see a list of available toolbars that can be activated - this is also available under the View > Toolbars… menu option


You must have some Extension menu items in order for the menu to appear.


SketchUp menu is a Mac thing. In Windows most of the same functions are in the Help menu.



Win10 in profile, so not Mac. @alesie do you mean Window->Default Tray->Show Tray?