SketchUp Pro with eGPU

Is it possible to configure SketchUp to use external GPU ( Razer Core X with RTX 3090 24GB VRAM) instead of the internal one (AMD Radeon Pro 4GB VRAM)?

When I run V-Ray, I can select my eGPU for renderings. But SketchUp still use the build in when I check in OpenGL setting:

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I am interested in this answer as well.

SketchUp does not decide what to use, it only displays which the OS is using.

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Thanks to your reply, it gave me a hint on how to force SketchUp to use my eGPU :smiley:

So basically all I needed to do is to go to Windows Display Settings, and under Multiple Displays I selected input 2 which is the eGPU. Now SektchUp is using my eGPU with RTX 3090:

I am noticing that SketchUp is faster, even in the viewport, models are faster to work with, not just rendering. Also anti-aliasing jumped to 16x instead of 8x and now models in the viewport looks super smooth.

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That is really cool how do you connect and use an eGPU.

I can try helping you. What are the hardware of your eGPU?

In my case, I am using Razer Core X which is a GPU enclosure ( with RTX 3090 installed inside it. Then the Razer Core X is connected to my computer with Thunderbolt 3 cable … so you must have Thunderbolt 3 in your computer. After that, I installed the latest nVidia studio driver and WIndows recognize the hardware and that is all.

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Man that sounds really slick.

Even though eGPUs are designed for laptop computers, you can use it with desktops as well.