Sketchup Pro Modelers to build boats needed!

Greetings experienced Sketchup Pro users! We are hiring for both part time and full time positions for people experienced in detailed 3D modeling. We design and manufacture aluminum boats. Skills required include modeling sheet metal parts, including material thicknesses, complete modeling of boats, detailing of existing sketchup boat models, and more.

  1. Must be willing to sign an NDA
  2. Must be willing to meet regularly via MS teams
  3. Must be extremely fluent in English
  4. Marine or boat building background preferred
  5. In person preferred but working remotely an option (We are based in Tacoma, WA)
    Email with examples of your work, check out our website and we look forward to hearing from you.

Interesting…I’m a maritime academy grad (maritime business) and have been looking for an excuse to combine my learning of Free!ship with SketchUp.

Aside from modeling my own O’Day 26 sailboat I don’t have a very good portfolio, but I’d be interested in providing services that would be a “payment upon completion”. It wouldn’t be hourly but rather per job…thoughts?