SketchUp Make to .STL Errors

I downloaded the SketchUp to .STL extension and installed it in my SketchUp Make. This is were the problem started. I created a headphone stand in SketchUp Make and when I used the converter to get the stand 3D printed the legs were not attached to the main structure of the headphone stand. When i looked at the print preview on the Makerbot software the printer was first printing the base structure then print a flat surface over the internal structure then finally it prints the legs of the stand. This made the headphone stand very unstable and eventually broke. Is there something that I am doing wrong or is this a bug?

Pictures and SketchUp file

If I’m understanding your problem correctly, the issue is with the model breaking at a weak point in the design. Layer adhesion can be a problem, so a simple fix is to add a fillet to relieve stress at the joint.

I converted to solid model then imported(stl) to Mesh Mixer to let it do a strength analysis. There are a number of location it did not like the model strength. For a phone stand , something that my get some “abuse” you may want to thicken and make stronger. Adding fillets to help with stress risers as suggested would help? Some areas are abt 1/2 mm, .9 mm and probabaly should be abt 3mm ?? There’s a free version and you can use different materials to help with loads => you may want to do more checks but think it only gives PLA as options but have number of different printers to choose from??
It should be printed with flat portion on the build table.

I just remembered that i forgot to mention that the headphone stand is supposed to be printed in centimeters not millimeters. So 30 mm becomes 30 cm this might help with the structure.