Sketchup interface

I’m working on a project which needs to set the sketchup in a certain way.
I have 3 portable workstations that use Sketchup and Enscape as RT engine.
Those workstations are spread through my collegues and some of them arrange the icons as they wish.
For me it doesn’t matter as I know exactly where to find my tools and arrange my toolbars.
But the director of the project wants something that is set a certain way and doesn’t change.

So I wondered if:
1- Is it possible to set the interface so it’s not possible to change toolbars and icons
2-Is there a way to import/export an interface set up (using a plug in or RBS maybe)

Well I’m the only one that have to set up each workstations every time when someone has used it.
The icons are always messy. And as we have created some kind of a manual to use the sketchup interface this way it would be easier.

NB There is only one session on windows that can use SKP and enscape simultaneously, that’s why we need to have this interface set. It’s overly simplified because all the users don’t have the same knowledge on skp.

Maybe this topic already exist and has been resolved but I haven’t found it.
Thanks for reading.
Best regards