Sketchup in manufacturing

Can Sketchup be used in manufacturing? What do I mean by that. For example, I prepared a model in SU of some detail, device, etc. And now I need to produce it in the real world with the help of some factories. As I know professionals are using Autocad and other popular software for such purposes. So my question if it is possible to use SU for such things? Because as we know for example a circle in SU is not actually a circle it is built with polylines and I suppose at least this will be a problem. So what are the steps to make my model be in the real world while using SketchUp except 3d printing? Or it’s not impossible? I thought it could be like I do a model, export it for example in dwg and share it with a factory and that’s all but probably the process in not so simple :grinning: Please, share you experience in that, thanks!

What does the manufacturer want from you in order to make the object you’ve modeled? If all you need to do is give them dimensioned technical drawings, you can easily create those with SketchUp and LayOut. If you need to give them DXF or DWG files, you can do that with SketchUp or LayOut. If it’s just a 2D CAD export you are providing, you can use a 3D export to get proper circles.

If you are supplying a file for 3D printing, such as a .stl, you won’t get around the fact that SketchUp represents circles with a series of short line segments but you can improve the appearance by using more segments in your curves.
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Ok, thanks for the reply. I think it costs at least to get to know closer to LayOut.

If you need to create documentation, it most certainly is.

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