Sketchup gone subscription?

So, is SU Pro Subscription now the ONLY way to get those applications, or is there still some à la carte way for SU Classic users to get them?

I have to say after thinking about it, I can’t really imagine when SU Shop would help me. Sure, I work mostly in my office, and then go on the road to clients and job sites, but I do that either with my laptop which runs the desktop version already, or my iPad which won’t work with Shop. If Shop could run on an iPad, then I could really see it’s value. I suppose I could look at Chromebooks as a replacement for the iPad, but I don’t really want to. I do have the iPad viewer app and use that quite a bit for show and tell.

…not to mention Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and Panorama, though the latter has a little more creative take on it that helps infrequent users and occasional need for multiple seats. (I can’t seem to get a direct link to pricing structure. You have to scroll down an find the video)

I don’t think SketchUp will follow Microsoft in promoting their cloud offerings as superior over their desktop version. Some news sites suggest Microsoft executives “dislike” Office 2019 (desktop).

By contrast, SketchUp still demands more on hardware and precise input devices, which I cannot imagine doing with a tablet on my knees in the train (though it would make sense to improve SketchUp Shop for better mobile viewing and annotating, and on tablets).

Absolutely right, @Aerilius! As has been said over and over since the launch of our web-based version, we do not intend to “get rid of” our desktop software. Our interest is in diversifying and allowing more people to get on the SketchUp train.

While we DO see the advantage of things like cloud storage and online collaboration, we realize that 3D modeling software relies on your desktop computer!


A little Trimble wannabe Autodesk has born…Following the master, they are going to increase the price of maintenance program to almost match the subscription to push us to go there…They already started with very little improvements in one year, a new version that looks like a simple 2018 upgrade like Autodesk does…

Now I have to find another application to replace sketchup in few years… Thanks Trimble!!!

I did receive the license information and have installed 2019. Given the alternative, my current plan is to stick with the Classic version.

I/we have no plans to use Trimble Connect. As others have stated, I do not want to store our models or components in the cloud.

  1. I/we have privacy concerns about stuff stored in a cloud
  2. We have our own storage areas and see no need to purchase additional storage space
  1. We do use LayOut and PDF files to share our models with clients.
  2. We/I have explored other tools like Sketchfab, Simlab Composer and Shapespark for sharing our models. Given the type of models we are building, those tools appear to present good alternative and the support SketchUp files.
  3. I do not see that something like Sefaria would be a useful tool for us.

In fact I have looked at several tracks on the SketcUp Campus and think that even though it is still in beta, it is headed in the right direction and recommend everyone to take a look at it. Even though I have use SketchUp for several years, I have found some interesting little tidbits that I have put into practice.

I do find one very interesting though. With your introduction of dashed lines, the way you present them goes against your recommendations for layers in the SketchUp Fundamentals course. In the course you say “always draw on layer0” as the default and then assign your groups/components to a layer. The purpose of layers is to control visibility". I find that kind of contrary to the way you have implemented dashed lines.

I was wondering that myself, but I haven’t touched 2019 yet to see.

V quick test. Draw something (on Layer0).

Make it a component or group.

Add a new layer with a type of dash. Assign it to the component or group (using the Layers window).

Refocus on the drawing window.

The component or group displays the chosen dashed line type.

Its geometry is still assigned Layer0.

AFAIK that’s the recommended way to do it, and as before, you keep geometry on Layer0 but assign layers (including dash-type layers) ONLY to groups or components.

As before, if you explode the component or group, its geometry takes on the dashed-type layer not Layer0

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Can someone please explain what exactly the new Pro offers over the current Pro and what Studio offers to justify that kind of cost??

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What is trimble connect storage? I’m so lost here lol

Looks to me like it just adds Sefaira, yes? So, it’s a backward way of saying Sefaira cost $900/yr.

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“Classic” refers only to the licensing model, so we can differentiate between our subscription licenses and our “classic” perpetual licenses.

Trimble Connect (personal account, 10gb) is available to all users. For the full “business” account (unlimited storage) you would need to buy a subscription at the Shop, Pro or Studio level.

Sefaira is included in our SketchUp Studio subscription. LayOut is included in Pro and Studio.

That is correct. The main limitation is that if a layer with a dash style is used by a group or component instance, the dash style applies to all edges within the group. So, you may have to create some extra nested groups if you want only specific edges to receive the dash pattern.

Maybe this table will help

SketchUp Studio adds Sefaira to the features/products available in SketchUp Pro subscription.

Trimble Connect is a cloud collaboration platform for the AEC industry, with features that help teams coordinate building construction projects together.

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Thanks for the infosheet. Appreciate it.

What is the time span planned for Classic?

This should satisfy most of us, Thank You

Just thinking aloud - it’s kind of confusing that VR viewer is not included in “Classic” package (especially for long-time users). Fully understand the desire to move people to subscription (shame that transition arrangements are not ready yet), but why differentiate on this? As otherwise “VR-Viewer” could have been quite an interesting and “flashy” extra feature of SU2019. (and possibly less people would complain about dashed lines and tape-measure tool) And at this moment it lost well deserved attention.

This is why one person in here called it a “spit in the face”. It smells corporate all over it. I can imagine the boardroom meeting, with the corporate shills sitting there discussing how to make a business model that is similar to the rest of the crooked part of the industry. Without adressing the community or developers. They will please the shareholders in the short run. They will advance their careers. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about you. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.

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I have active maintenance and support, did the classic for a single user just up the number of activations from 2 to 3 computers? Is that what I am seeing?

How do you download SketchUp shop? I just got SketchUp Studio, but there doesn’t seem to be any clear way to access any of the features beyond using SketchUp Pro. I can’t figure out how to open Sefaira either