Sketchup gone subscription?


Subscription model 101: Tease existing customers over to a subscription service from their perpetual licenses by way of unnecessary freebies and what looks like a low access cost. Once sufficient numbers are swayed to this method, start raising the cost of the Perpetual version / restrict features etc.
Finally, kill off the perpetual version and start hiking the subscription cost through the roof.

So basically, think the long game. If a software goes subscription you WILL end up paying more eventually.


Sounds like you are an Autodesk customer!


Yeah, my chart assumes a new user paying the $695 in year one, then $120 per year from there on. If you’re already a licence holder, then the chart would be different for you depending on what year you first bought SketchUp Pro, and whether or not you’ve broken the maintenancd agreement or not.


Big deal. Why is every software company passing out storage? You have to ask yourself why. Because it makes a person more dependent on that companies infrastructure difficult to leave or migrant away from. The fact is storage is now affordable without that commitment. Please tell me why I’m wrong.

Oh yeah I forget it’s easier to give something like this than to fix real problems with functionality. I can’t remember storage being on any of the wish lists.


Hey Aaron. Whats Up.

How very near future? Like Very ,Very Near future? Or more like someday soon-ish.:wink:
Will it roll out in one shot? Can you send a link.:no_mouth: I have some time today and would love to play with it.

Have a good one.


You can download and use it now, you don’t need a license, it has a trial to start with.


Great. Thanks.


Yeah, what @Box said! I believe you should also see an email soon… I don’t want to give an exact day/time as that is out of my hands, but I have been told it will be soon… well within the 30 day trial, at least!


Just downloaded. Thanks again. Really looking forward to a new install and kicking the tires.


Where is the list of improvements?


Actually - this is kind of an elephant in the corner. Have not seen anything on migration for existing customers. Drop existing perpetual licenses and switch to subscription? Even if you have dozens of licenses? Definitely looks like a HUGE communication gap. :frowning:


I’d say it’s more a list of fixes.
There’s dashed lines, but they could of been had with a $20 smustard plugin?

Seems like the main event is a marketing one based on new a new cost structure and not the kind of functionality improvements that most users want. Fixes for bugs but that feels more like a maintenance release?


For the SketchUp Studio For Students, it comes with desktop. Does the desktop app stop working after a year (if not renewed)?


Thanks, all I can say is ZZZZZZZZZZZ.


I was wondering that too. So how does the transition work for students who graduate into the working world?


I pulled the trigger to soon, i hadn’t looked closely enough on how the subscription thing works and didn’t catch that there is still a classic license available before i went ahead and subscribed. is there a way to cancel my subscription? because i still have an active classic license and would rather continue paying maintenance and support then the subscription.


Everyone has 14 days to request a refund (classic or subscriptions). Contact support to do so - Click on the billing and accounts option.



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Someone that clarify me that only with PRO version (299/yr) I can used plugins. Pro version is the only that offer Desktop software (For program like Vray, etc). It means that I can not use plugins (Ex:Vray) on Shop version and if I continue on classic license plan I have to pay $695 each year or I renew maintenance for $299/yr the same of the subscription plan not ($120/yr) the actual maintenance. This is an increase of $180/yr. I can not imagine the subscription cost in few years. I have to analyze it. Bought a version every two(2) years may be a solution.


please re-read this thread

Free: online only and free, not for commercial purposes, no plugins / extensions
Pro Classic: $695 once off, $120 per year maintenance (optional if you want to stay current) after the first year, plugins / extensions can be used.
Pro: subscription of $299 per year, plugins / extensions can be used.
Shop: online only and subscription of $119 per year, no plugins / extensions.
Studio: subscription of (a vital organ) $1199 per year, plugins / extensions can be used.


So the Shop subscription doesn’t include Layout?