Sketchup controls not working

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[230126 387 Ex Model.skp|attachment](upload://mAzzhjb5EKiwSPZOGBNQY7DOjwA.skp) (176.5 KB)

A few of my controls are not working
Most of them, line, Rectangle, will not work unless held down to the end.
The Door (Circle segment) will not work at all

Can you please edit your post and attach your file properly!

What you mean by “A few of my controls are not working”? What control? What you are doing and what are you expecting to happen?

What you mean to held down to end?..

Could you explain a little more clearly what you are doing and what you want to achieve?

In addition, your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 on El Capitan is that still correct?

Did you uninstall and reinstall? Kind of like turning a device off and on again…

Hi Dave
Thanks for replying.
No, this seems to be an old account that I have got into. I have been using SketchUp 2022 for 2 years now and have been on Monterey for about the same.

Thanks Matt
How do I do that please.

Please update your forum profile, then.

For Windows, you’ll need this link: how to uninstall on windows 10 - Google Search
For Mac, how to uninstall on mac - Google Search

Matt I am afraid to uninstall in case I cannot re-install!
Can I just re-install without uninstalling? I have a couple of old Sketches still on my Computer which don’t get in the way.

Sorry,I meant SketchUps.

You’ll probably be able to open the file after un/reinstall. The reinstall could be a newer version of SU, but in my experience, it will still open. I have SU 2022 and a coworker uses 2019. When we share files, I save it as 2019 for him so he can open it and I can open his 2019 version and just get a message that it’s a 2019 version file. If needed, I can save it as a 2022 version, but don’t have to do that.

It has always been possible for a newer version of SketchUp to read from and write to older skp file versions, though without an extension (Eneroth Legacy Save) you have to remember each time to tell the new version which old format to save. That is a different question than varying which version of SketchUp runs to open a skp file. SketchUp does not tag skp files with a version number that is recognized by the OS, so the OS only knows one way to open a skp, usually using the most recently installed version.

Thank you Steve.

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