SketchUp API - Setting a location for the model with SUModelGetLocation, SULocationSetLatLong, SUModelSetGeoReference

I am looking to use some type of location data to set and retrieve the location of a model during the import and export process. I am wondering what the difference is between using SUModelGetLocation and then setting latitude and longitude properties with SULocationLatLong, or using SUModelSetGeoReference? Do they accomplish the same task?

It appears that SUModelSetGeoReference will set additional properties, but for the sake of the absolute latitude and longitude of a mode, does it matter which function is used?

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I think that SUModelSetGeoReference will also create the "GeoReference" attribute dictionary that would be used by Google Earth to correctly position the model on the globe. This dictionary may also be used with some exporters. (Within SketchUp, you can view the contents of this and other dictionaries with a good attribute dictionary inspector extension. There are several in the EW.)

The location functions might only be used as convenience for setting and getting location from the model’s shadow settings hash. (But I’m unsure about this, so test.)

Also, FYI, the C API seems to lack the UTM class that Ruby has, as well as access to get and set the datum that the model uses. The default datum is WGS84.

Other possible datums can be listed within SketchUp using the Ruby API model#list_datums method.

I do not see these in an enumeration for the C API.

Ah, it seems I filed an issue for this more than 4 years ago: