SketchUp and eGPUs

I am considering adding a eGPU with an Nvidia card for faster rendering on a new iMac 27" .
Does anyone know if SU has a setting in in its preferences to select an eGPU as the primary source of a card to do renderings with?

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How about drivers? Apple no longer supports Nvidia GPUs - what kind of hack does it need to even work?

Nvidia does not support Apple’s Metal API so it might become an issue if this is the setup you’re looking at. We haven’t done testing with an eGPU so there is a chance that using one might not impact your modeling in any meaningful way. We have brought this up in the past in previous forum threads.

All good comments. Thank you. Looks like I might just need a Mac for my 3D modeling and a separate PC for rendering.

Or maybe a PC for both.


Or use a Radeon GPU. I have a RX 5700 in a Razer Core X enclosure connected to an Intel Mac mini.

The graphics acceleration is massive for modelling especially for large models.

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What application is planned to use for rendering? I understand V-Ray doesn’t currently support GPU rendering on Macs (and it only supports it on Nvidia cards on the PC).