Sketchup 8 PRO + Redefine thumbnails

Hey there!
Great product, I’m still using Sketchup 8 Pro - the best modeling program I found ever.
So I have a quick question.

It seems that if I don’t disable “Redefine thumbnails on save” in Model Info whenever I save the file in Sketchup it freezes the program. When I remove it it works flawlessly. Sadly every time I open sketchup the dialog is activated again and I have to manually disable it.
Is there any registry tweak to force disable this checkbox and not to use it? Or a workaround for Sketchup 8 Pro to save properly files.

I know its not Windows but we are still trying to emulate it under Linux:)

My Specs:
Linux Debian 9.6 64bit.
32bit Sketchup 8 Pro installation
HP Probook 450 G2 - Hybrid Graphics AMD/Intel, Intel 2020M Processor, 4GB ram

THanks in advance

You should be able to set the ‘Redefine’ in model info, then save that as your template along with any other settings you want.
Just set everything up to suit and use Save as Template.
That should work in SU 8, but it’s been a while.

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