Sketchup 2024 - Area and Length field in Default Tray-Entity Info Locked. Cannot copy data

There are several extensions that add text-labels to faces showing areas, there are also volume text tools look on Extension-Warehouse or the SketchUcation PluginStore…
e.g. mine are:

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if you right-click on the face and pick area > selection it’ll will pop a window in which the data can be copied

Both workaround are good. :grinning:

But it doesn’t make the fact of the bug any less. :blush:

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Same issue here! I use faces overlaid on my floorpans to determine square footages for my cover sheet in Layout. It was so easy to just select my areas I need totaled and just copy the footage from the entity info box. When you do it a hundred times a day, right clicking on each area to be able to copy the footage over adds a lot of wasted time to productivity! And copying it reduces the risk of making a mistake vs translating it visually (when you’re dyslexic!).

Definitely a bug since it works OK with SU 2022.

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IMO the area text should be greyed out but allow copying.