Sketchu Pro 2024 interfacing issue with multiple monitors

Hi, I am using 2 monitors.
When Sketchup window is at the left monitor, all the drop down menu are showing at my 2nd monitor on the right regardless maximising or reducing the window size of Sketchup. Basically all the drop down menus are stuck to the 2nd monitor at the side. :sweat_smile:

But if the Sketchup window is placed on the right monitor, it works perfectly with the drop down menu right below each corresponding tabs.
Is there a way to rectify that?

There are already several topics about SU 2024 having a massive problem with some multi-screen settings. There is currently no solution, but they are said to be working on it.
Until we get a fix, don’t use two (or more) monitors or do not use SU 2024.

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omg. I have just purchased 2024 without reading up on these possible bugs… :woman_facepalming:

I was hoping it was some possible computer settings that can adjust to fix that. Tried switching the order of monitor but nope, that does not work.

You are entitled to use any supported previous versions as well. :wink:

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Unfortunately you are right, for example, I can’t use it at all because it immediately crashes with bugsplat if I want to use any Tool. :disappointed_relieved:
All other pervious versions of Sketchup are working for me, so not a big deal, but annoying.

Thanks you Dezmo, I am using 2023 for now. Yes, it was a little disappointing but since it is only launch in April, I hope our feedbacks will help 2024 team to come back soon on the fixes. Really excited to try the new feature!