Sketchdata report formulas

Hi…new here…anyone know how to get formulas out of dynamic components to csv file?

I have sketchdata reports but not sure if it works for this…


you can report Dynamic Attributes with File->Generate Report. They will report values, though.
Have an example to share?

Hi…thanks for quick reply…I am trying to get at the formulas (expressions) that are driving these cabinets…not seeing a way to get from report…?


Base_3D test.skp (4.16 MB)

check out Aerilius’s Attribute Inspector:

on Mac, it does replace quotes with " maybe better on Windows!

That looks good…again thanks!!

Not seeing how to export…

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ah, I thought you could select all and just copy paste it in a spreadsheet. You need to dive into Ruby, I suppose.
Or try the trial from @kengey

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There are “sdsmart…” functions added that extend the DC extension, these are NOT part of the Trimble software, you need to use the extension(s) from where they were created.
These added functions are not recommended in the general ruby community and some seen them as hacking and illegal.
see and related topics

Personally I would use ruby extensions alongside the DC extension without altering it

If you’re using the SketchData Reporting extension, there is an option to Export Formulas when generating report data. This goes into a CSV file “data_reportattr.csv” in the plug-ins folder, or you could create a PDF print out of attributes and formulas using the report writer.

CSV Sample rows of attributes on Entity 2551

2551,dynamic_attributes,zinsidedepth,23.25,DEFAULT,zInsideDepth,Inside Depth (calc),9,IF(aTypeBack>0,LenY-cBackInset,LenY),INCHES,VIEW,23 1/4",EOR

2551,dynamic_attributes,zinsideheight,29.0,DEFAULT,zInsideHeight,Inside Height (calc),9,LenZ-aToeBaseH-BTM!LenZ-TOP!LenZ,INCHES,VIEW,29",EOR

2551,dynamic_attributes,zinsidewidth,16.5,DEFAULT,zInsideWidth,Inside Width (calc),9,LenX-ENDR!LenZ-ENDR!LenZ,INCHES,VIEW,16 1/2",EOR


Excellent!..I thought I saw that…not sure how to get …I will have to spend a little time to learn…Thanks!!