Sketch to c4f texture issue

when rendered in c4d the sketch up model appears with hand of the model textured

any assistance would be great. : )

In order to assist you, please assist us. Your description of the problem doesn’t make much sense. Please provide more details. Share the model, or at least give us some screen shots of what you are seeing.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates a version that does not exist. What operating system? Please correct your profile information.
Screenshot - 3_11_2021 , 6_40_44 AM

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 7.43.44 AM

As you can see only half the textures on the model renders in c4d, yet I see both sides in my view port

also, downloading from 3d warehouse and importing from that doc.

Originally you wrote:

Show us the model in SketchUp with the face style set to Monochrome.

Please fix the incorrect information in your profile.

I suspect that the symmetrical model has been created by modeling one half and then creating a mirrored copy of that, and the face normals have been flipped in the process. As @DaveR said, when viewing the model in Monochrome mode you should only be seeing front sides of faces. Most rendering applications do not play well with exposed back faces.

No solution?

Should sketchup save it as an obj?

We’re trying to give you a solution but you aren’t doing what we’ve asked you to do! Share the SketchUp model file or at least the screen shot of the model from SketchUp in the Monochrome face style.

You still haven’t corrected your profile so we still don’t even know what version of SketchUp you are really using or what operating system.

Changing format will not make a difference. If the model has errors, you must correct them. Post the model or a link to it.