Simplifying or Reducing Geometry

I am looking for a plugin or an extension that i can use to simplify complex geometry.
Some manufacturer content on the 3DW comes in with thousands of faces. Is there a simple script that will reduce the poly count while keeping the same general size and shape? I just dont need this much detail.

For instance - a sink from Kohler comes in like this…

The toilets are even more faceted.

Im sure there is a plugin or 2 for this. Could anybody suggest one they like to use.


You can use Artisan which has a reduce geometry function. Pretty soon this extension will be available that I think would do a better job so keep an eye out:


If you only want to remove the triangulation, you can have a look at CleanUp from Thomthom.


You would get the cleanest result by modelling a new version. I would perhaps put a horizontal plane somewhere at the middle of the height of the sink, intersect with model and push-pull to create a simplified version. Most of the geometry bloat is in the small roundings.


Thanks for the suggestions. I will give them all a try.

for non-symmetric more organic objects you might want have a look at the remeshing and simplifaction filters (“Filters > Remeshing, Simplification and Reconstruction > Simplification: …”) of free MeshLab (OS) too.