Should I make groups

I have put the studs on a ‘H-stud framing’ layer. Should I also create a group for these studs?

608 Linda Lane_Purged.skp (1.5 MB)

Depends on your objective. Layers/tags just control visibility. They do not assemble or isolate things in any other way. If you want to move all the studs as a single unit, by all means group them.

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Everything should be in a container. Group or component. End of story.

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I brought up the question because I was looking at ‘Outliner’ and trying to better organize everything…

Outliner won’t show any loose geometry and it won’t do you much good if everything is called “Group”. You can give groups usable names and of course you are prompted to give components names when you create them.

Also, as you have no doubt noticed, setting them to use a layer/tag has no effect at all on the outliner. Wrapping them in another layer of Group will, since that creates an actual hierarchy of structure in the model.

It may make sense to group all studs on one floor together, say, but there is no “should” about it. As Steve has said, it depends on what you are trying to do. There’s not much point in grouping other Groups or Components just for the sake of it.

Looks like you are using an older version of the software so you presumably are not able to turn visibility of elements on and off in Outliner as you can in SU 2020. That really helps when modelling, I find.