Shortcuts won't save


Check that the MAC’s ‘permissions’ of the folder and/or enclosed files relating to this ...json file[s] are set to be ‘unlimited’…


“unlimited” isn’t Mac jargon, but permissions are something to check. Make sure both the SketchUp folder and the .json file have “Read & Write”. You can view and alter permissions by right-clicking an item and selecting “Get Info”.


yep. checked and confirmed. they were both set to ‘read & write’ for me already.
I’ve added ‘read & write’ for staff and everybody.
deleted the prefs file (again).
reinstalled Trimble Connect to get rid of that warning (again)
I’ve added a couple of shortcuts, saved the file I was in, quit sketchup, restarted sketchup…


thanks everyone. I wish there had been a shortcut for this process!!!