Shadow date/time slider bug?

Hi. Is this a bug?:
The time slider moves simultaneous when the time is adjusted.
I do not recall that this ever happen to me.


FYI, When time is adjusted, the date slider is stationary, as expected.

SU pro 23.1.340 on a PC

because depending on the date, the days are longer or shorter.

today, where I am, the sun rose at 7:38 and will set at 18:05
come back in 3-4 month and it’ll be something like 6 to 21

so placing the time cursor at 17:30 today will place it all the way to the right, but in 3-4 month it will be about 3/4 of the way, because there are still 3h30 of sun left afterward.

when you change the date, on the line above, the sunrise and sunset changes accordingly.
the cursor moves because it keeps the time you set, but as the day is longer or shorter, the line gets longer / shorter too.

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thanks for the explanation. spot on!

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