Server doesn't appear in the desktop app

I’ve become confused with the distinction between Home and Trimble Connect Server. I’ve been assuming that Home represented files I have on my LFS, and the Server files that are in the a Trimble cloud, and Sync kept the two relative parity based on my syncing preferences. That’s how most software works, and maybe that’s a bad assumption on my part.

Today I started a model in the web app, and when I realized my custom shortcuts weren’t available, I went to switch to the desktop app so I could use the shortcuts. But when I open the Desktop app, I only get shown the Home repository, not the Trimble Server repository. I tried syncing but I’m getting errors, (I’ll tackle that another day). I don’t think the sync is the problem, as I would still have access to the Server content–albeit, out of date models.

Why can’t I access server repository content from the desktop app?

I’m on a Macbook Pro Max M1 running Sonoma 14.2. I’m on the latest version of the desktop software.

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Having just gotten rid of Trimble Connect for Mac I think I will respond.

What are “Home”, “LFS”, “Custom Shortcuts”, “Server”

I think you are correct, it is a bad assumption. Trimble Connect for Mac is an appeasement. It does not function like other cloud based services. It might for the PC but it most certainly does not for the Mac.

  1. No syncing takes place unless you mash the button to make that happen.

  2. Projects can not be started at the desktop, they must be started thru the browser. Non-intuitive for sure.

I found working with others with the same files was problematic as it was incredibly difficult to keep the cloud file accurate as the master with all Mac users since the sync process was manual and not automatic. If any person forgot to sync, the process to update the files with their work was lemon juice in the eye.

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It also has its own website and user guide separate from the SketchUp family or products.

Sorry for the acronym…LFS = local file system

When I open the web app, the home screen shows 2 repositories on the left: Home; Trimble connect.

When I launch the desktop client, the open home screen just shows Home.

Thanks for the clarification. I don’t expect I’ll need collaboration, so I’ll just avoid Trimble and stick to local files.