Semi legal questions relating to Pro & 3DW


I’ve got some theoretical semi-legal questions I’d like to have straight in my head. Not sure where to ask these so admin feel free to move to a more suitable place. I’m a Pro user.

  1. If I wanted to create and sell a tutorial with assets from the 3DW, is that allowed? The assets would be accessed through the 3DW, from the creators page (not re-uploaded or otherwise changed)

  2. If I created and sold a package of assets (created from scratch) and someone uploaded them to the 3DW, would Trimble take them down if I requested? i.e. Would I be able to exercise the copyright over them?

  3. Is there any process to do this efficiently? I presume it’s a relatively common issue?

  4. Are there any other legal issues I’m missing I should be aware of?

Thank you very much in advance for your advice.

No one here can give legal advice, including Trimble employees. Best bet would be to hire legal counsel and have them interpret the terms of use for SketchUp and the 3DWH.

Surely Trimble could say if they remove copy written material from the 3DW? What happens if someone uploads, say, a Globe Plants or Max Tree model without their consent? There must be some recourse for those companies?

yes. anyone can flag content on the warehouse.