Selecting an object inside the model in layout

A web search!

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Yes I get We transfer but can I just send the file or i have create an account first? If i can just transfer then it ask for the receiver’s mail…

Read their instructions. I don’t use We Transfer but I expect you have to create an account.

On it Sir

Yes the receiver’s mail is the option to feel…

You don’t need an e-mail address. Just copy the link and paste it in a reply.

I just don’t know i try to do as you are saying, when i past it says the file is too big.
After creating an account in we transfer then i have nothing to do with it, I just have to come here copy and past the link?

I told you to upload the file to a file sharing service. Then copy the link to the file and paste it into a reply here.

Please find someone locally who knows enough about computers to help you do this.

Not that is not the case, I copy it to we transfer but from that end to here i don’t understand…

That’s it you know the first time to use some new things are bit challenging that’s nature

You did it. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Not actually just the first time

You’ve got several problems with the wall group. There are a bunch of reversed faces, shown in green, below. You should only see the back face color inside the walls.

The group is also missing come faces. A few are indicated, below.

Both of these will work to causing problems with section fill. Fix up the geometry in the model and you should have section fill for all of the walls.

On an unrelated note, do you really want the background color to be light yellow? In my opinion that would be a waste of yellow printer ink of the resulting PDF was going to be printed. Of course that’s up to you.

Fine indeed i appreciate your time, am on learning process anyway. Beside, will you recommend any extension for me in detecting problem like this and any other related kind like this?

I don’t know of any extensions for detecting these sorts of things. I didn’t use any extensions to find them. I just started looking around. One thing you should do is save adding materials until after you KNOW the geometry is correct.

Go to Window>Model Info>Components and tick the boxes for hiding similar and rest of model so that when you open the wall group for editing, the only thing you see if the wall geometry. Also set the style to Monochrome so materials are not displayed and use a normal style instead of your “Drafting style …” It’s bad practice to set the back face color to the same as the front because then you can’t see the reversed faces.


Or you could use a plugin to automate the swing direction when you add the door. Sketchup enables you to do it manually, and some people create a door component and add a swing direction and nest them together.

An alternative method is to add a tag named “door swings” in Sketchup. This tag can be hidden in views where it’s not needed. In the layout viewport where you want it to be visible, you can go to tags and unhide the layer.