Seeking Assistance for Creating a Custom Object Array Functionality in SketchUp Ruby API

I’m working on a component that has a functionality similar to an “array,” but it’s different from existing components because it needs to array multiple objects simultaneously. So, I need to rewrite the array logic. However, I couldn’t find any relevant information in the SketchUp Ruby API. I was wondering if there is any code or documentation available to achieve object arraying along a curved path?

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also, duplicate of this

It is likely that Dynamic Component or Live Component can do this for subcomponents. And these do not need Ruby programming.

What type of object do you wish to array? If the objects are group or component instances then a rotational transformation would be the way to go.

Quite awhile ago I posted an example of creating (or moving) the camera in a circle about the model to output images.
In the topic it explains how to create a rotational transformation.

[Code] Example: Saving Iso views to PNG image files - Developers / Ruby API - SketchUp Community