Seeking advise on hardware for making the switch from Mac to PC

Hello All,

Thank you in advance for any advice that you have. I am very seriously considering making the switch from Mac to PC and I’m looking for some advice on laptops that would be suitable for my needs. I am a cabinetmaker and not much of a computer guy, so when I get into the area of analyzing processor’s and graphics cards I get overwhelmed quickly. I am currently using a base model 16" MacBook Pro and looking for a 15" windows based laptop to switch to. Portability is one of my top priorities, I will be carrying my laptop with me to and from the shop everyday and sometimes into the field. When I am at the shop I will be connecting to a monitor for extra screen space. As far as Sketchup is concerned I run 2019 Pro, I only create very basic models. I draw kitchens and interior woodwork, but I never use any textures or anything complicated. I draw in Sketchup with a minimal style and send to layout in order to create my 2d working shop drawings. My hopes are that you all will tell me that a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 with the Ryzen 5 , Radeon Vega 9, and 16gb of ram will do just fine for me. If not, I’m considering the cheapest Dell XPS configuration that gets me 16gb of ram and an Nvidia graphics card.

Thanks again for any advice!


Like you I am looking for a new laptop to do basic models too and I was using an UX302. I have a I7 processor and a GEFORCE 730M graphic card. So an MX350 could be way enough I guess. But I feel lost too with all this components (CG, Processor, RAM…).