Search function from Layout Mac does not work

Search function from Layout Mac does not work. Works in Adobe apps and everything else. What is going on? Layout still seems like a beta program to me. There are so many issues with the rendering (some I have posted and the one where the drawing window randomly renders in grey scale I never back about) and the program freezing. Would be nice if Trimble took responsibility and set a timetable to fix things on the Mac side. Anyway, not sure how to get the search functionality when opening a file. It always comes up blank no matter what I enter. This has been this way for a while

Mac OS 10.15.7 MacBook Pro 32 gb of ram
Layout 20.2.171

What search function in LayOut?

Search from the open file dialogue box

Are you still using SU/LO 2019 as your profile indicates?

As stated in the post

Please update your forum profile.

If I choose File, Open, and click in the Search field, I am able to search and get a list of results.

What are the steps you are doing?

same thing. Not sure why it always comes up empty. Is there a preferences file I can delete?

The search box is a macOS thing, not to do with LayOut. I found this discussion:

So it seems that it’s not an unheard of problem.

@Adam can you think of any way that LayOut might invoke the open dialog in a way that triggers a macOS issue?


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