Sculpting with Artisan2 in Sketchup

Skulpting with Artisan2 in Sketchup is crashing often… ? anyone tried that ?

Maybe you are going super high poly?
You have to be careful with polycount in Sketchup… in most cases that’s more of a Sketchup limitation than Artisan-related.
If you mind to share some screenshot of the problematic model (with visible wireframe) would be easier to tell if a crash should be more or less expected.

This is the case …


Looks super-high poly.


Definetly. In particular in those black corners… probably a lot of small triangles, overlap and weird thing happening.
Nice model by the way…

Sketchup isn’t the best software to sculpt, you should try blender or Zbrush, those programs can handle a lot more geometry than sketchup.

You have to be very careful what you do with plugins like Artisan…and also some extrusion plugins. The number of faces in your model can explode exponentially; and SketchUp hates high polygon counts.
Your model looks like a guy leaning against some kind of animal…maybe a lion?
Look at the number of faces in your model and compare them to this. It’s probably what’s crashing your system