Scanning a brochure

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Yes. You can use a scanned image as a reference for a model. The exact method depends upon the kind of image and how you want to use it. I sometimes import an image and stand it up in the background to use as a reference if I’m modeling a piece of furniture. In a case like that, it’s mostly so I don’t have to look at another screen or switch between the image and SketchUp. Sometimes it’s possible to pick some of the dimensions from the image, too.

Alternatively you might be able to use Match Photo and then trace over the image to create the model or you might use it to create a background to provide context for your model. Maybe you want to show your furniture model in the context of the room it’ll go in. Match Photo has certain requirements of the image in order to make it work properly. If the image is used in a brochure, almost certainly it will have been cropped and/or otherwise manipulated and won’t be suitable for Match Photo but it might be worth a try.

Thanks, Dave. That gives me hope that I can pull it off.

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