Scaling Custom Tool Cursor/Preview

I’m creating a custom tool and it would be useful for end users to see previews (similar to SU’s circle and rectangle tools) of the geometry they’re about to create. I want the users to immediately know which face they’re drawing on, but depending on how zoomed in/out they are, the preview can be too large/small to see. How can I draw them so they scale accordingly at different zoom levels?

For clarity:

How I want it to behave (SketchUp's Circle Tool)

How it currently does


BTW, I’m still getting used to 3d graphics programming and familiarizing myself with SU’s API, so please excuse me if this is pretty basic.

Try leveraging …

Recently we discussed the SketchUp camera and zoom factor in this thread …

Thank you. It was exactly what I needed and a lot simpler than I thought it would be. Thought I was going to have to mess with the matrices

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