Scale to zero (projection)



You may want the 2D component to be vector graphic so it can be used in a nice crisp drawing though.


There is an old .rb called something like “Dropverts” which contains the tool “Set Z=?”. This might do the trick? (I am OOO so I can’t check the exact name right now. If interesting; I will get back with more info.)


All the edges will be Coplanar many edges will not just be colinear


If you start from 4D and go to 2D, yes. But as here we use a 3D program, when bringing it down by two you’ll only have one dimension left. All your geometry will be a (broken) bunch of edges on a single line.
Picture yourself a simple block. Flatten it to 2D and again, flatten this result perpendicular to … just one edge.


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