Saludo de acogida personal al formar parte del grupo

Saludos a todos llevo aprendiendo sketch up por cuenta propia he realizado una serie de trabajos como independiente el motivo de mi ingreso en este grupo es para conocer mas usuarios que les gusta usar el programa y que le ve potencial muy aparte de esto me interesa mucho saber como ser parte de los Training Autorizados de sketchUp que pasos se deben de seguir
Espero comentarios gracias

Many people use their phones to answer questions and it takes an effort and data costs to translate questions in other languages.
You will get a better response by posting a translation as well as your original language.

Just fyi on Chrome right click in the page and select translate to english.

Greetings to all.
I’ve been learning to draw on my own.
I have done work independently. The reason for my entry into the group was to learn more about the sketchup community. The most detailed use of the program. as I also want to be part of the authorized sketchup trainers later on.
I hope comments thank you.

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