Safer close window / file

So I’ve done this enough times for it to be annoying:

I have a few SketchUp files open and I want to close one of them. I click on the close window button, up pops the ‘do you want to close the file without saving’ alert, and like 99% of people, I just click OK without reading.

Except, oops, it wasn’t the window I was expecting to close … disaster!

So suggestions:

  1. Bring the window about to be closed to the front, so the user has a visual cue that he’s clicked on the wrong close window button.
  2. Even if the user says not to save the changes, SAVE IT ANYWAY with a special filename. Just in case, you never know.
  3. Or, don’t erase the autosave file YET. Wait until the user opens the file next time.

Jason Koh

Why don’t you change to the window before you close it?

Another solution would be a second and a third question “Are you really sure?” and " Are you REALLY sure?"…

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Why should we suffer more clutter in the UI to ameliorate your bad habits?

Windows supports users who don’t read stuff aka click and hope.
Adjust your mouse settings to go to the default button in a dialog and you’ll notice the cursor automatically goes to the Save button in the SketchUp.

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The default is Save on my mac, and I don’t recall ever setting it to do that…

Automatically, Always saving changes, like many of the Apple applications now do, only really works with versioning and rollback…
Unless, you also disabled creating the file icon on Save, it could prove to be more of a curse than a gift…

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