search results. Come on guys, we are in 2018 not 1860

If you go to and you type for example purge there is no result.
This is a longstanding flaw.
Request; Why no decent search engine?

Now i have to use and i can type the search words. But it is an silly way to search.

Click the methods button .

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You also need to understand that this documentation interface is the output from YARD.
It is not something that is designed and built by Trimble or the SketchUp Development Team.

The help for using YARD is here …

YARD is a free and open source project that is hosted on GitHub.
If you see a issue (and make sure that it really is an issue,)
… you can log a report in the YARD repository issue tracker.

Sorry, I dont care if it is not Trimble.
It should work. Why not a different search engine?

@sWilliams . funny but strange. Actually not funny.

You have to click on Methods if you want to search for methods. You’re searching the Class list.


O sorry I did try all but did send the wrong screendump. One second please.

Edit I will try tomorrow at my laptop.

What good does it do to crab at Trimble when this is out of their hands ?

If you have a solution, recommend in in the YARD issue tracker (link above.) Loren loves to have other people help with YARD fixes. (It is programmed in Ruby itself.)

Not if it is operator error or the problems that have been seen recently with Safari that are the root cause !

(FYI, I have seen Chrome browser extensions interfere with the operation of YARD docs in the past.)

If I buy a BMW and the display doesn’t work as it should I call Sharp or Samsung the LCD supplier?

Not exactly, it is also on other browsers. BTW, Because of the fort going of the tech, Browsers are getting more strict. There is still a lot of HTML/CSS/JS code arround that is not 100% conform the w3 rules.


You can also check File: SketchUp Ruby API — SketchUp Ruby API main, which was ripped from the GitHub stubs repo. Search is case insensitive, but if you capitalize the first letter, it becomes a ‘beginning of string search’ (as opposed to an ‘anywhere’ search). Some of the doc’d repos have an order of magnitude more methods than the SU API, so I added that feature…


@MSP_Greg Oke, the problem with this system is you have to know the right ‘Word’ or ‘word’ or ‘#Word’ or ‘#word’, because those are different things in this engine. Where is this documented? Also, that is always a problem with starting with a new ‘something’.

If people are new they spend a lot of time when they are getting searching. If I want to search for an action, like ‘Purge’, I type ‘Purge’. Result is none. If it, the engine, should be case insensitive, then ‘#Purge’ should work, but it isn’t.
Also if the first letter is capitalised, you should will never find ‘DefinitionList’ when I search for ‘List’, but you will. I have to search for ‘List’ I have results under Class, but then I have to use ‘list’ to get results under methods. Sorry that is unnesesresly weird. Does the engines cares about the the capitalisation, doesn’t sleep well because of this? Why not just find ‘WoRd’ every where and just show it.

Often I search with and have more results then the site itselfs.
The forum has a better search engine then the ruby documentation.

I actually wish that I could download a pdf of all the ruby api’s and documents, then I could search the way I want and offline.

Goodnight sleeping time

And some of them spend time complaining about what they haven’t taken the time to understand.

You’re guessing how my search algorithm works, and you’ve guessed wrong.

I developed my site for some Ruby gems/repos that are much larger than the SU API, like Rails and the AWS Ruby SDK. Ruby is also rather large. It is also a static site hosted on GitHub, so server based searching isn’t available.

To have you complain about it when I just offered it as an alternative…

FYI - User Interface Guide

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