Ruby Group.union bug

I do most of my drawing using Ruby scripts. The (group).union function is useful but the group returned has a corrupted coordinate system and I don’t know how to fix it. Thus I can’t make additional modifications to the resultant group.
How do I fix the coordinate reference of the group?

Please provide more info. What exactly do you mean by corrupted?

I haven’t used this method myself, so I can’t offer specific advice until I am back at my computer. But it seems to me that given independent transformations on the two groups, the API has to create a new one that can encompass both groups, and that might be different than you were expecting. You could try ThomThom’s transformation inspector extension to get a better handle on what’s going on.

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Yes. When posting problems such as this, please provide a simple example model that others can test upon as well as a reproducible code snippet.

State what your expectation was and what the result was specifically (ie, so we know how it differed from what you expected.)

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