Ruby API Issues

Recently, I’ve seen posts showing issues with the Ruby API related to:

  1. Windows - returns from shell commands
  2. https connection - OSX, or just Window?
  3. RubyGems - maybe https issues also

I’m sure Trimble is logging all of these issues, but I thought it would be helpful to have a test suite checking all of them. I’ve started one, and I’ll add a public GithHub repo for it. If Trimble wants to pick it, I’d be fine with letting them continue it.

I’ve got a few more things I want to check/complete before I create the repo. If people know of any other issues or threads that I could look at for additional tests, please let me know.

There exists already a wheel for that:
For reproducing Ruby API bugs, we write test/unit tests and submit them with bug reports.

Trimble has a bug tracker and regression tests for fixed bugs.

Thanks for pointing that out. @DanRathbun was nice enough to point out several of the Trimble/SketchUp repos that involve testing in another thread. Some are current, others appear not.

At present, I’m just interested in collecting issues that could best be described as - ‘this works in stand-alone ruby, but does not work in SU embedded ruby’.

Currently, as time permits, I trying see what issues exist with RubyGems, but I don’t think that’s a big issue with most plugin authors.

I think it would be helpful if tests for these issues all existed in one place, both for Trimble’s use, and for forum members. Notes as to platform and SU version should also be included.

Once I get the tests finished, I don’t care whether they get moved to a new or existing Trimble/SketchUp repo, or whether I keep maintaining them, as log as they’re on Github…

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