Rolling shop shutter with onclick



I WANT TO ANIMATE THE SHOP ROLLING SHUTTER WITH ONCLICK. May i know how to animate a rolling shutter for a shop or is there any video or article so that i can make


Is this an existing component that you are talking about, a pre-made Dynamic Component that you can’t get to work?
Or are you modeling one from scratch and need some help with ‘OnClick … Animate’?


im modelling a rolling shutter and i want to animate it


basic shutter.skp (84.2 KB)

heres one of mine you can modify, just add pcmoor in the credits

trick to stop animation at any position is press space bar


good model but how to increase the speed its to slow


well i dont have idea about it but it sounds good…


from functions

so time = num
to go faster halve the time


you could introduce a new attribute such you could change the time to suit your needs


where rate is a number you can input from the option dialog