RfE: Display Output Benchmark

by doing screen transformations (orbit/zoom/pan) of several complex models in different view modes (wireframe/HLR/shaded) and measuring the time required for doing this either integrated or as an extension.

< update >And optional an upload of the result in connection w/ some specs (CPU/GPU incl. driver revision/RAM) to a public viewable comparison table.< /update >

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there is a basic spin with statics using…


but it’s very limited…

I think an extension would be preferable to integrated…

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Or perhaps split the difference: An extension, maintained by SU and included in the distribution, but can be disabled, as Dynamic Components and Advanced Camera Tools are currently implemented.

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This test model has been around since ol’ Hector was a pup.
Follow the Screen Text instruction to run Test.time_display

Test.skp (204.0 KB)

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it would probably be more appropriate to have it as a community extension, hosted on github like the STL and Developer Tools are already…

the ‘production’ version could be available from Extension Warehouse and a selection of purpose built test models could be hosted on 3dWarehouse and linked from the extension…

Bloating the distribution with occasional use content is unlikely to happen…

@Geo I was just going to add the link to the v7 thread as you posted…



I agree that it is likely better as an installable extension than an included (and disableable) extension. It’s just my nature to point out different available choices. Note that I said “perhaps”, not “I’d prefer”.

@sketch3d_de, do you have a particular ‘use case’ supporting this request?


see my update above, would be neat for those users asking for the influence of CPU vs. GPU on the SU performance to have a ressource where real life systems could be compared.

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