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Hi! im struggling with report, when i make it, it doesnt count the components that are the same and have the same lenght, because it renames them with #1, #2…and so

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i dont know what am i doing wrong

I think what you are doing:

(Copies the original componentinstance and adjusts its size in each instance >> wich causing the instance to be forced to “Make Unique” )


What I think you should do:

Adjust the size of the original componentinstance, then copy.

Got it, but what happens with the files and projects i have already made? can this be solved in excel?

It is possible to make and run a custom macro (VBA) to clean up the excel file. Remove all #nums , then sum and present as required

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this may go, but i have no idea how to do it, do you know any tutorial? thanks


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Thanks! i will check it out

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