Replacing Sketchup Pro Classic by Sketchup Studio

I currently have Sketchup Pro Classic on my computer and now want to switch to Sketchup Studio (which includes Sketchup Pro). Do I have to remove Sketchup Pro Classic from my computer before installing Sketchup Studio? Or can it just stay on my PC?
Many thanks in advance for your response.

The installer is the same. You can re-run it and tick the Studio components to add them to your SketchUp. I seem to remember that V-Ray is a separate install.

Thanks for your quick reply. Do I understand it well that I do NOT have to remove the Classic-version?

Maybe you can download the extra tools from the extension warehouse, since you got the studio version they should have no extra cost for you, did you get a code for vray when you bought the license?

I do not have the Studio version yet. I currently do use Sketchup Pro Classic.

There is no Sketchup Pro Classic licence sold currently for SU 2023.

You might have a confusion about a difference between licence (subscription) type and a product (because of the same “name” :wink: )

Both the SketchUp Pro subscription and the SketchUp Studio subscription allow you to use the same SketchUp Pro desktop product.

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The latest Classic version you could have bought would have been SketchUp 2021. It can stay on your PC. If you’re going to get a Studio subscription, you may as well be using SketchUp 2023, which can work ok on the PC that still has 2021 installed.

I checked, and it looks like your Classic license is for SketchUp 2020. You can keep that installed while a later version is also installed.

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It worked without uninstalling the old Sketchup. Thanks

It worked without uninstalling the old Sketchup. Thanks!

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