Rendering and Animation

I use to use a program where I worked that was for rendering and animation. Super quality graphics and animations but I cant remember the name of the software. I think it was from Scandinavia or around there and that the human models for the pool scenes were barely wearing anything, we had to modify them so that we could so it at a presentation. I am thinking the program started with an R but I could me mistaken. Any ideas?

is it renderman

Could it be Rhino?

Does sketchup go into renderman? I don’t think so. Its not rhino. Full animation and renderings that are created from sketchup. Company is in Europe.

does Podium have ‘naked’ entourage?

other than that it may be one of the game engine based ones…


Only Poser or DAZ 3D come into mind. When I tried Poser last (years ago) its interaction with SketchUp was nothing to write home about (3DS files were then about the only option).


What is one of the best rendering and animation combo packages that work well with sketchup