Reconstruction of a medieval priory

Hi everyone

Thought this place would be an excellent reposistory to post WIP images of the project I am currently working on for fun …

The village where I live was home to a medieval benedictine nunnery in the middle ages. If it was still standing I could see it from the room I am typing this in.

It was founded in ~1163 and survived for almost 400 years until Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monastries in 1539 when all such establishments were completely stripped of their wealth and assets, the occupants turefd out and all the buildings closed down.

Nothing remains of the priory itself, although the parish church that still stands is likely to have been the nave of the priory church, albeit in a dlightly different state.

Being a history nerd I have always been interested in the priory and I couldn’t believe it when I recently came across a detailed survey of the church that was done at the dissolution, which lists all the buildings that formed the priory in pretty good detail. And subsequently, just like that, I had an excellent project to model!

So I shall be using this survey, along with photographs that I have taken and some rough sketches that I have found online to try to recreate priory as best I can.

Watch this space. :slight_smile:

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This is how I have set the model up. Early days and a long way to go but give a falvour of where I am going …

A part of the survey that lists all the buildings that formed part of the priory!