Raised ridges on a dome

How do I create raised ridges on a hollow dome?

Can you share a picture of the sort of thing you are trying to model?

You are using the free web version as your profile indicates, correct? (I moved your thread to the SketchUp Free category.)

I am using free sketch but I have no picture. just idea. I want to put three ridges 8mm wide x 20mm high in three evenly spaced locations on the outer surface of half a ball.

You could create the ridge shape with a path and profile and Follow Me. Have you used Follow Me already?

yes. I tried drawing an arc and used the offset tool to get height and the push tool to get width. I t does not always work right due to breaks in the arc as it dosent seem to follow the dome perfectly

Not sure how to make path and profile

Instead of offset, start with the arc for the dome profile. Select the curve, right click on it and choose Copy.
Screenshot - 1_19_2021 , 1_51_44 PM

Then run Follow Me to create the dome. Make sure face orientation is correct and make the dome a component. Then right click in space and choose Paste in place from the top of the Context menu. This will put the curve you copied in place outside the dome component. Draw the profile of the ridge in place at the bottom of the dome.

Make sure the Follow Me tool is active. Select the curved path, get Follow Me and click on the profile.

I would select the geometry for the ridge and make it a component and then use Rotate/Copy to rotate it 120° around the dome. Trim the ridges at the top. With the way I made the ridge component, I only needed to trim one of them.

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Dave has shown you one way, but it’s not entirely clear how you want these ridges, it could be interpreted this way.

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Thanks so much Dave. I will try in the morning.

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