Questions about drawing a sphere

Hi everybody.

I’ve seen a couple of ways of drawing a sphere.

This is one.


But I also watched here another way drawing two perpendicular circles same size, but when I try I get a inner face and some edges no smooth neither soft. I can soft and smooth the edges after the process.

I can fix this problem if I draw the second circle smaller than the first one (it can also be bigger but then there will be a small circle inside).

a) Wouldn’t it better drawing the second circle smaller and then deleting the first one?
a) I’m doing something wrong?
b) is it possible to delete the inner face without hidden temporaly other faces?


Thank you.

The first method has an extra unneeded step. There’s no reason to draw the vertical line. Just use inferencing.

The second method you show is problematic because it leaves the internal face. You could delete the face inside the path circle or draw the path radius larger than the profile and delete the face inside the path circle before running Follow Me but why not just draw the profile circle above the path circle. Or copy the path circle and rotate it to make the profile?.


Yeah, I didn’t thought about the possibility of using inferencing, it works like a charm.

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