Push Pull Help Please

I am trying to make some mitered braces and a made a 2x4 and rotated it into place and then made a line over the triangle then tried to push it down and out but the tool wont let me. I saw this in a video somewhere and am not sure what I am doing wrong. Any advice? Thank you.

bench.skp (59.4 KB)

The lines you drew are outside of the 2x4 context which is a component. Double click on the 2x4 to open it for editing, and then draw your lines.

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Your vertical line looks like it’s on the face of the bracer, but it’s outside the component. Cut it to clipboard, double-click on the bracer to edit it, then paste in place. Now it should cut the face allowing you to push-pull it away.

You have the bracer out of alignment with the leg by 1/64".

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How can you tell the out of alignment? Is it the top angle part? I mean I don’t disagree, lol, just not sure how to see that or do it right to begin with? I used the rotate tool and 45 was too much, 43 was too low, and 44 didn’t seem exact but I couldn’t tell… :confused:

Zoom in close at the top of the diagonal. It’s the position of the leg that is wrong.

What do you want to have happen? Do you want the top corner of the brace to meet the back leg at the top?

I just saw it was sticking out. You shouldn’t have been having to guess the angle either, the technique given in the thread you posted in earlier works the angle out for you. You don’t even need to pay attention to what angle it used.

Thanks, Ill try that again, but I kept failing at it so tried a different way :frowning:

I am wanting to make an X from top to bottom with half lap joint where they meet in middle. Bottom corners touch ground same as legs, top angle into the seat bottom…

The one on the left, the one on the right, or something in between?

Your two legs are not matching in their location. The outside faces of the legs are not in the same plane, so the diag brace only matches faces with one. Check where the legs connect to the top and be careful about the snap.

Once that’s fixed you can employ the arc method. You can actually leverage the same component context trick from you first post, by drawing the arc on the outside of the component it will not attach to the geometry of the leg, but it can still show you the correct spot to grab the diag brace from. Then it is easily erased.

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The left! Half lapped in middle, that’s what I’m trying to make lol

Thank you for that. I had to step away from computer but will look at that more when I get back!