Pull on unconventional surface problem

This is the sketch:

This is the object that I want to draw:
From the corner of that, to the surface of the circle-doughnut thing.
But the problem is, this is not 0°

Plus the starting point surface (I draw it orange) to get pulled is not on the same axis as the red color that I draw above.

How to solve this problem with ToolsOnSurface or JointPushPull? (Because those extentions are what I already installed but don’t know how to apply it on this matter)

This is the .skp file:
Untitled.skp (1.8 MB)

Draw that element in plan and then rotate it in the desired place. Just like in reality.
Rectangle > PushPull > Make Group/Component

Then intersect it with the existing elements and delete the parts that are not needed.

Is this what you’re trying to end up with?

No no, I already draw that part, what I want is the frame to hold the roof. 3 x 3 cm. But diagonally, and the point A to point B has a different surface (rectangle and doughnut)

I mean, yeah, it could work, alright let me try.

Something like this?

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For sure

No need to use Scale (as in the video) if you draw it from the begining at the right dimensions.

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How do you clip it? Clipping without keeping the over extend object.

I only clipped them at the top. I pulled the top ring out of the group and made it a solid component. The rails running down to the corners are solid components as well. Then I used Trim in BoolTools 2 to trim the rails to match the ring. If your model was cleaner and all of the objects were solids, the lower ends of the rails could be trimmed the same way.

BoolTools 2 wasn’t free sadly. Any tricks?

No. It’s not free but it’s a very useful too. You can also use Eneroth Solid Tools or you could just use Intersect Faces and clean up manually.

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Aha! It’s working with Eneroth, thank you! :heart:

Hey, do you have any idea why trim is it not working on the corner object? (Using Eneroth)

It’s solid already, look:

No. It’s not a solid. At least not in the version you shared.

Even if you take just the frame without those angled pieces, it’s not solid.