Project a vector file onto a surface?

Hi all, Fairly new here so please pardon if this is a common request and just point me to where to find the answers, please (and thank you).

I’d like to know how to project vector line work onto a face/surface. I would use this at times to:

  • create a push/pull shape. For example - like dxf files used to cut out artworks on an NC plasma cutter - a deer’s head image or similar - Can this be done?

  • similar application as above but projecting the lines for visualization or rendering purposes. Like being able to show some vector line work of a drawing of flowers would look on a table top to a client. The lines would ultimately be etched into the table top using an NC mill or router.

Thank you in advance for your ideas. Very much appreciated.


If it’s a flat surface you want to add the linework to then you would just place the imported linework onto that surface. This will likely need some additional work to “integrate” the two either by retracing some lines or using a “make face” plugin?
If you are trying to get 2D linework onto a curved surface, then you may need to “project it”, a little more complex, but could be done.

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Thank you, Steve. I appreciate the response. I’ll play with it some and see what develops. - Stan

In this example I’ve imported the outlines as a dwg ( made in illustrator ) it’s selected and laid on a surface the exploded. Luckily it intersected with the surface. Oftentimes a more complex dxf/dwg may not make complete faces and you have to retrace a line or two to get it as you need it.
While you may use this to show the desired results I suspect you may use the original DXF file for the CNC input?

Very cool and helpful, Steve. Thank you for the “extra mile” answer. _ Stan